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Upcoming: End of The Year Report Card

One publication we plan on releasing will be an end of the year report card on State Defense Forces / State Guards.

The following categories will be assessed:

  • What kind of missions and how many have been performed by the State Defense Force / State Guard?
  • How many of those Missions were conducted as Joint Task Force missions with their National Guard?
  • State Defense Force / State Guard Public Affairs Office Assessment
    • Since the Public Affairs Office is the face of the State Defense Force we will analyze their performance on three factors
      • 1.¬†How often they publish news & content on their website & social media platforms?
      • 2. Do they respond to press inquiries?
  • Recruitment
    • How many troops did the State Defense Force / State Guard recruit?
    • How many did they loose to attrition?
    • How quickly do we get a response from a recruiter after an inquiry?


The Publication will assess the year of 2022 and be published in early 2023.

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